Redefining Fabulous

A Reminder to Embrace the Season You're In

July 22, 2022 Jessi Cabanin Season 1 Episode 13
Redefining Fabulous
A Reminder to Embrace the Season You're In
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Do you feel "stuck"? Or maybe you feel a breath of relief as you recently navigated yourself OUT of being stuck.

Today we're chatting about the power of embracing the season you're experiencing, both in life and in business.

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Until next time babe, keep pushing, keep dreaming, and let's keep on redefining fabulous.

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Jessi Cabanin:

Hey, girl, Hey, are you ready for some real talk? If you are a female entrepreneur who has ever felt like a total failure, or maybe even a frequent flyer of imposter syndrome, this podcast is for you. I'm your host, Jessi, a millennial business owner, boy mom and creative genius helping women bring their business dreams to life. After 10 years of building numerous creative brands from the ground up, I'm ready to get real about what actually goes on behind the scenes of building your very own empire failure opened up brand new mindset for me. And I really want that for you too, because honestly, I am just so over society's definition of what it means to live a successful life. So together, we are going to create and navigate a version of success that works for you. Together, we can redefine fabulous. Okay, so today, I want to talk just a little bit about seasons. So yesterday, I had the most amazing day interviewing for another podcast, the interview was with Hillary McGinnis, she is the host of the Stay True to You podcast. And she brought me on to her podcast to talk a little bit about my story. And, you know, sometimes you go through seasons of life, and you can't wait for them to be over, you are like, this is the worst time of my life, nothing's ever going to change, blah, blah, blah, you tell yourself all these lies. And then it does change and you're doing better. And then you sort of put the past away, you sort of pretend like the past didn't happen. And what I want to talk about is being present in the season that you're in. Because it's really important to take in all those details. It's important to pay attention to the way things make you feel the way things change your mindset, the way your body reacts to the stress. It's really important to acknowledge that. And so yesterday, you know, first of all, it was the first interview I've had like someone interviewing me. So it was of course, I was like super nervous and was like overthinking everything. And I was sending her like list of topics because I was like, I don't want to be like taking up all your time. So we have both taken our podcast course with Kacia Fitzgerald. And that's kind of how I found her. She had posted in our community that she was looking for someone with a story of like, kind of a comeback story, you know, kind of like losing everything and coming back from it. Now, a year ago, girl, I would have been like, oh my god, that's so me. But there's no way I'm going to share that story. Okay, today. Like today me was like, it's time, it's time to share my story. It's time to stop hiding from the fact that all of these things happened in my life and all of these traumatic experiences that I had led up to who I am today and what I'm doing today. And so I decided it was time. So she posted this in Facebook, and I commented and was like, Hey, I would love to chat more. So I chatted with her through Instagram for a little bit. And you know, we just immediately hit it off. And she was like, Yes, I would love to have you like, let's schedule it. So we scheduled it like right away. We were both just super excited to kind of talk about it. But as I was telling my story on that podcast, it was kind of this like, new feeling. And it makes me think that, you know, it's really important to grieve, by all means it's important to grieve when things are happening in your life that are not necessarily positive things. It's okay to grieve. But it's also okay to move on. It's also okay to process it. Take the lessons out of it and move forward. And I think that it's so much easier for us to have something good happen, and to be able to sort of like pretend that the past didn't happen. And you know, at the end of the episode, I said something that literally just kind of came out of my mouth like I was not planning on it. It literally just came out of my mouth but afterwards I was like, wow. Like holy shit. I just said that. And what I said was something along the lines of, you know, we can spend all this time wishing that we had not gone down a certain path. But I wouldn't trade the path I went down for the world, even if it came with a million dollars. And at first, like it was like, oh my god, I just said that I shouldn't have said that. But I said that and you know, afterwards, it really kind of got me thinking, and it made me really start to realize that I've come a really long way. And as much as I would love to forget some of the things that happened in the past in my past path, I don't want to because if those things had not happened in my life, I would not be here, today. And after that episode, after that interview, I just kind of sat there like, wow, and I think I don't know why it's making me so emotional. But like I, I said to myself, Damn, girl, I'm proud of you. Because a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, I was in a lot of pain. And, and I think it's important to be able to recognize that and acknowledge that. And I think that too often, we look back at the hard things. And we say things like, God, I don't know how I survived that. And I think it's important to acknowledge that girl, you put in a lot of work. To get past that you put in a lot of time diving into yourself, to get past that, to grow, to take it for what it was and to turn it into something else. And I think that all of us feel really lonely in certain aspects of our life in our business. You know, being a woman entrepreneur is lonely as shit, sometimes I know you know what I'm talking about. But I think it's important to realize that nothing lasts forever. The changes that you make in your life and your business, those are choices, and do not get me wrong, those are hard choices. Those are not easy choices, those are not like click A, B or C as a choice. Those are deep choices that you have to make. And you have to continue to make them. And you have to continue to envision this road and this path that you want to be on. I don't want to I don't want to think about a destination, okay, I am not a destination person. I want to be on a journey towards happiness. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be on a journey that's like constantly traumatic experiences one after another. Nobody wants that. But I would rather be on a path that's winding and that has obstacles. And that gives me the chance to grow and learn more about myself and more about the people around me more about how to run my business, how to grow my business. So I want you to take a moment, and I want you to think about the season you're in right now. Are you in a season of joy, of success? Of all of these happy things? Are you in a season of trauma of just utterly shitty things? Are you somewhere in the Okay, so I want you to think right now, what season of life middle? What season are you in? And I want you to be super are you in? And how can you show up to that season of life? Okay, so I am apparently now in a season of life where I am honest with yourself. I don't want you to just say, oh, life sharing my story and I am sharing how I got here. Because it's important for other women to know that they're not alone, okay, I went through a lot of shit, and it felt lonely as all is great. You know, like, that is not how you grow and then is hell. And I didn't really have a resource at that point. That really kind of helped me through it. But I don't want that for not how you grieve. And that is not how you move forward. you. I want you to have support. I want you to be able to feel the feels because society will say get over it. be sad, get over it move on. But that is just not how it works. It's not how it works. You have to make a decision to change your life. Doesn't have to be a big one. It can be a small one, a small one will turn into Another small one, and another small one and a slightly bigger one, and the list goes on. And I promise you a year or two from now, you will be a completely different person. And maybe in two or three years, you will be willing to tell your story with somebody else, you will be willing to put yourself out there vulnerable so that someone else doesn't feel as lonely as they do right now. So I hope you take a moment to really think about the season you're in and to really absorb the details. I'm in the season now where I feel like I got a little bit of my story off my chest. And it's a little bit freeing. And it's freeing in a sense that I now know that everything that happened, brought me here. And I am grateful as all hell to be where I am right now. In a personal season of life, I am currently sitting on a walking on eggshells waiting for school to start in the fall. And I know that like every parent thinks like, oh my gosh, I can't wait for school start. So my son is four, he's gonna be five in September, he misses the cut offs ever so slightly, and he became a candidate to test early to go into kindergarten, well, they don't actually test it until kindergarten starts. So I am in this waiting game. Basically waiting until school starts to find out if my child is going to be starting kindergarten or not. So that's a real struggle for me. But it's something that I sit back, and I'm really trying to be extra present and extra purposeful with my time. And you know, I want to prepare him. But I don't want to scare him. And I feel like his parents, that's something that we're just always struggling with. Like, we want to prepare them, we want them to make good choices. But we also don't want to scare the shit out of them that they like, go the other way. So I know you know, but that is kind of the season I'm in right now of life. And you know, of course that affects my season of business because I schedule my business around my personal life. But I want you to just take it in that seasons of life change. seasons of life are seasons for a reason. They're not forever, but they have really important lessons to be learned if we pay attention. So babe. Go find a corner, a quiet corner, a quiet share away from the chaos, take a piece of paper or take your phone in the notes section. I want you to write out the season of life you're in I want you to get some of the words, the adjectives, the feelings out of your brain. I want you to acknowledge whatever season of business you're in right now, whatever season of life you're in right now and I want you to embrace it. I want you to jot down some of the things that are going well some of the things that aren't going as well. And I want you to pull from there the lessons that you're learning so that the next season of life, the next season of business is a different one. All right, babe. I hope you really enjoyed today's conversation. I'm super curious to know what your biggest takeaway was from today. So go ahead and share this episode on social media. Make sure you tag me at this way to fabulous and let me know what you connected with. What did you learn from the episode and what action item are you going to take today? Until next time, guys, keep pushing, keep dreaming. And let's keep on redefining fabulous. Chat Soon Guys.